beyondp2p API v1.3.0 released

Author avatar By Samuel, 14 March 2021

The beyondp2p API v1.3.x has been released. We have introduced two cool new features.

Loans status command added

A new loans status command has been added to the @beyondp2p_bot. Just write /loans to the bot in a direct chat. It will reply with its latest loans availability state. By this, you can quickly check if loans are available on your favorite platforms.

An example of the /loans alert command.

I am planning to add more improvements to this functionality. For example, a 14 day chart of loans availability ? would add some flavors to the bot.

EstateGuru loans alert added

The new v1.3.x comes with a loan alert many investors have asked for. From now on you can subscribe to the EstateGuru loan alert. The bot informs you if new, “open” loans have appeared on the EstateGuru primary market.

Here an example how the alert looks like:

All relevant loan data has been included.

From a technical perspective, this alert is a bit more complex than the other alerts. Some book keeping was necessary to maintain a consistent state of loans being open vs loans being closed.

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