beyondp2p (we, the page, the website) is a team of non-financial professionals writing and informing about a topic that interests us: peer-to-peer investments.

The information or data provided on the web is only educational. The investor bears the responsibility to prove the veracity of the information, and invest according to its own risk and good judgment and careful reflection.

Therefore, the information we provide on this web does not under any circumstance replace the advice of a financial expert. We are not liable for the consequences of your own investments.

The information provided by beyondp2p has been verified by our team, but this does not mean that this information is free of errors. We always advise to read carefully the contractual or financial information, directly on the platforms where you do the investment.

High profits always imply higher financial risk. It is important to mention that peer-to-peer investments are considered a high-risk investment. In practical terms this means that you could lose all your invested money.


If the investor decides to sign up with a platform through our website, beyondp2p may benefit from commission thanks to taking part in affiliate programs agreed with the platforms. This commission reward helps us to move this project forward.

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