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Author avatar By Samuel, 16 April 2023

How to upvote P2P investment opportunities

Until recently, the beyondp2p telegram bot has just sent P2P lending alerts to the investors without any substantial interaction possible.

With today’s release, this is different: You can now upvote your favorite P2P investment alerts on the @beyondp2p_bot on telegram. ?

An upvote (or remove upvote) button has been placed below the alerts. Just click that button to vote an alert. Click again to remove your vote from an alert.

See here how it works:

You also see the upvote count in form of a numeric counter with a fire emoji. For example: “+3?” means that three distinct investors have upvoted a particular alert.

Learn about the hottest P2P lending deals

Why should we upvote the best deals?

Having an upvote count below the alert, you can instantly see which deals attract the highest attention of other investors.

This comes most handy with project-based loans, such as real estate, business or agricultural loans: If you see peer investors upvoting for a specific project, it might be an interesting deal for you as well.

The alert upvoting establishes a social proof mechanism for investment opportunities. If you as an investors participate in the voting through the bot, we all in the beyondp2p community can profit from it.

From upvoting to micro-copy investing

The upvote feature is the first social feature we have introduced with beyondp2p. Based on this, we can work on further improvements for the bot.

We are planning to implement a “follower” mechanism. That is to say: You as an investor can follow other investors that use @beyondp2p_bot. If those followed investors are okay with that, you can see their upvotes with the @beyondp2p_bot. You can follow just your friends or, for example, the most influential and expert investors of their fields.

Probably you know a fellow bot user that is an expert for real estate investments. It would be of very high interest to see which projects that investors has upvoted. Maybe it could be a deal for you as well?

If you even decide to invest in such project, we could speak of some “micro-copy investing” that the bot is enabling, as you can follow the investment strategy of others. Of course, not blindly and with a sense of responsibility. ?

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