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Crowdestor is a business crowdfunding platform from Estonia. As an investor you can fund small and medium enterprises, sustain their growth or restructure their debts. The plattform does not work with loan originators. You need to pick your investments yourself. Most projects are from the Baltics, but not only. Although returns are high, auto-invest and diversification is missed. Crowdestor is considered very high risk and opinions diverge about this platform. On one hand it has a considerable fan base and active community. On the other hand, many investors complain about extremely risky and often unsuccessful projects. We only recommend experienced investors to get started with this platform and see it as an experimental choice. In our opinion risk overweights profit. But this should be finally up to personal judgement.

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Key Facts

Investment Structures Direct (peer-to-peer)
Originator Types Peers
Investing Into Business Loans, Real Estate
HQ Country country image Estonia


Interest Rates 9.50% – 28.00%
Number of Originators 1
Number of Countries 4
Currencies EUR
Minimum Investment 50 EUR


Average Net Return 20.45%
Total Loans Funded n/a
Loans Outstanding n/a
Loans Current n/a
Loans Late n/a
Loans 1 To 15 Days Late n/a
Loans 16 To 30 Days Late n/a
Loans 31 To 60 Days Late n/a
Loans 60 Plus Days Late n/a
Loans Defaulted (In Recovery) n/a
Loans Defaulted (Recovered) n/a
Loans Defaulted (Written Off) n/a
Investors 21,856
Average Amount Per Investor n/a
Principal Returned n/a
Interest Earned n/a
Late Fees Earned n/a


Not available

The only way to invest on crowdestor is via manual invest.

Secondary Market

As of January 2021, crowdestor charges a fee of 2÷ fee for sales on the secondary market.

Instant Cash-Out
Available as: Crowdestor Flex

In July 2021, crowdestor launched crowdestor Flex – a new investment product where they promise stable 12÷ returns accredited daily to the investor's account. Many could be paid out instantly. Already in August 2021, crowdestor stopped advertising the Flex feature. Access is not possible anymore. Reasons mentioned within the P2P community were that offering such product would be conflicting with financial regulations, as they would offer a sort of deposit account being rewarded with interest.

Risk & Security

Buyback Guarantee
Available as: provision fund, warranty fund

Partial buy-back guarantee may be applied through a warranty fund ("provision fund").

Payment Guarantee
Not available
Rating System
Available as: Credit Scoring

Crowdestor applies a mathematical risk scoring to the companies that you can invest into. It considers comprehensive data points from a third party provider. The result of the risk score determines whether an investment is considered for funding, or gets rejected.

Due Diligence
Available as: Key Metrics

For each investment project, crowdestor provides a "key metrics" sheet. It contains data of: company rating, company score, personal score, probability of default, loss given default, expected loss, reasons for rejection, things to improve, estimated funding time

Skin in the Game
Not available
Collaterals Personal Guarantee, Business Guarantee
Maximum Loan To Value (LTV) n/a

Sign Up Bonus

You will earn 1% cashback from investments you will make in Business loans. This cashback will last for 90 days starting from your registration date.

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