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Fellow Finance presents itself as the leading lending marketplace for the Northern Europe. Not only can you invest into individuals. Also investments into business loans are possible. Slightly lower interest rate may be compensated by moderate risk levels, as business owners have to guarantee personally to pay back the money.

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Key Facts

Investment Structures Direct (peer-to-peer)
Originator Types Peers
Investing Into Business Loans, Consumer Loans
HQ Country country image Finland


Interest Rates 8.50% – 18.00%
Number of Originators n/a
Number of Countries 6
Currencies EUR
Minimum Investment 10 EUR


Average Net Return 6.00%
Total Loans Funded 745,000,000 EUR
Loans Outstanding n/a
Loans Current n/a
Loans Late n/a
Loans 1 To 15 Days Late n/a
Loans 16 To 30 Days Late n/a
Loans 31 To 60 Days Late n/a
Loans 60 Plus Days Late n/a
Loans Defaulted (In Recovery) n/a
Loans Defaulted (Recovered) n/a
Loans Defaulted (Written Off) n/a
Investors 17,706
Average Amount Per Investor n/a
Principal Returned n/a
Interest Earned n/a
Late Fees Earned n/a


Available as: Allocator

You can buy consumer loans in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Finland and Czech Republic. Business loans are available only for Finland.

Available as: Invest
Secondary Market
Available as: Buy and Sell
Instant Cash-Out
Not available

Risk & Security

Buyback Guarantee
Not available
Payment Guarantee
Not available
Rating System
Available as: Credit Rating

A rating system is available as one to five stars.

Due Diligence
Not available
Skin in the Game
Not available
Collaterals Personal Guarantee
Maximum Loan To Value (LTV) n/a

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