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The Irish Linked Finance lets you invest into small and medium businesses. They focus on fostering business potential from a holistic standpoint. That includes quick, easy and non-dogmatic decisions when unchaining business potential.

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Key Facts

Investment Structures Direct (peer-to-peer)
Originator Types Peers
Investing Into Business Loans
HQ Country country image Ireland


Interest Rates 6.00% – 17.50%
Number of Originators 0
Number of Countries 1
Currencies EUR
Minimum Investment 50 EUR


Average Net Return n/a
Total Loans Funded 153,309,865 EUR
Loans Outstanding n/a
Loans Current n/a
Loans Late n/a
Loans 1 To 15 Days Late n/a
Loans 16 To 30 Days Late n/a
Loans 31 To 60 Days Late n/a
Loans 60 Plus Days Late n/a
Loans Defaulted (In Recovery) n/a
Loans Defaulted (Recovered) n/a
Loans Defaulted (Written Off) n/a
Investors 26,553
Average Amount Per Investor n/a
Principal Returned n/a
Interest Earned n/a
Late Fees Earned n/a


Available as: Autobids
Available as: Marketplace
Secondary Market
Not available
Instant Cash-Out
Not available

Risk & Security

Buyback Guarantee
Not available
Payment Guarantee
Not available
Rating System

A+ (lowest risk), A, B, C, D, E, Y (highest risk)

Due Diligence
Not available
Skin in the Game
Not available
Collaterals n/a
Maximum Loan To Value (LTV) n/a

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