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Are you interested in p2p lending loan alerts, market incidents and analytics? The @beyondp2p_bot is an innovative telegram bot that supports p2p investors to stay ahead with their investments. It is under active development and driven by community feedback.

About the bot

Our telegram bot helps investors to score high-interest loans and to battle cash drag on p2p lending platforms. The idea was born because we were facing serious cash drag on the ViaInvest platform. Cash drag occurs if an investor cannot reinvest capital due to lack of loan supply.

As a consequence, investors were often waiting for fuzzy periods of time before they can reinvest their capital. Furthermore, checks had to be carried out manually in order to spot fresh loans.

Now the @beyondp2p_bot has taken over this job. It checks automatically whether new loans occur. If so, it sends an alert to its followers.


Loan availability alerts

Currently, the following loan alerts are available:

  • Afranga: if loans loans appear on the primary market, ⚪ below 11%, with at least ⚫ 11%, ? 12%, ? 13% or ? 14% of interest.
  • Esketit primary market: if loans for Jordan ?? or for ?CreamFinance loan originator appear.
  • Esketit secondary market: if ⚪ loans at par or ? loans with discount appear on the secondary market.
  • EstateGuru: if newly opened loans appear on the primary market that are ready to invest.
  • Kviku: if loans with at least 12% of interest rate appear on the primary market. ? The alert is not working anymore! Kviku has removed the loans available page of their website.
  • Lendermarket: if short-term loans (max 3 months) with at least 16% of interest rate have appeared on the primary market.
  • mintos primary market: if loans above the average platform-wide interest rate appear on the primary market. E.g. if the average interest rate on mintos is 10.42%, the bot checks for ? 11%, ? 12% and at least ? 13% loans. This alert is a data-driven alert that adapts automatically to the base interest rate. Only EUR loans, with buyback and no pending payments. The alert requires at least 10 loans available to trigger. ? The alert is currently under maintenance.
  • mintos secondary market: Secondary market loans with interest rates above the market average (dynamically calculated): EUR currency, minimum 10€ to invest, buyback only, no late loans. Alert differentiates between discounted loans and loans at par/premium with high yield. ? The alert is currently under maintenance.
  • Moncera: if loans appear with an interest rate of at least ⚪ 10%, ? 11% or ? 12%.
  • PeerBerry: if short-term loans with a minimum interest rate of ⚪11% have appeared on the primary market, loans with ? 11.5%, ? 12%, or loans with ? 13% interest appeared. The alert differentiates the available loans count by countries.
  • Swaper: if any loans appear on the primary market. Loans appear rarely – if they appear, make sure to battle cash drag!
  • twino: if loans with a minimum interest rate of 10% and buyback guarantee have appeared on the primary market. The alert requires at least 10 loans available to trigger.
  • ViaInvest: if any loans have appeared on the primary market. ? The alert is currently under maintenance.
  • ViaInvest – short-term: if short-term loans have appeared on the primary market. You can recognize the short-term loan alert immediately through the “shorts” emoji ?. ? The alert is currently under maintenance.

Statistics Updates

To keep track of changes of key numbers, we have implemented the following updates:

  • mintos: receive updates once average net annual returns of loan originators changed. We introduced a minimum threshold of 0.10%. That means interest rates over time must change at least 0.10% before an alert is being sent out.
  • mintos: daily pending payments of loan originators changed update. We also include more detailed information. See the legend:


The following commands are available:

/startSubscribe to p2p lending alerts.
/premiumUnlock premium features
/loansPrint current loans availability.
/dealsSign up with p2p lending platforms – earn cash back
/statisticsPrint the current subscriber statistics.
/helpPrint all commands.
/stopStop the bot by unsubscribing from all loan alerts.


Free Plan

You can use up to a maximum of three alerts for free. Occassionally some advertising content will be attached to the alerts.

Premium Plan

If you are a frequent user of the bot and happy with the results, you can subscribe for only 3,99€ per month to our premium plan.

Try out premium the first seven days for free. You can cancel anytime and receive the remaining money back.

? Premium services include:

  • No advertising
  • Unlimited alert subscriptions
  • Less competition for loans as subscribers are limited
  • Paying for premium amortizes insanely fast, as you increase the value of your p2p portfolio
  • Supporting the bot development

To subscribe for premium services, open a direct chat with @beyondp2p_bot and run the /premium command. A link to the checkout page will be send to you.

Premium users’ feature requests and suggestions will be treated with special priority and care.


How can I subscribe to premium?

Just open your conversation with the bot and run the /premium command. The bot will reply with your subscription status being ? INACTIVE. On the bottom of the message, you will find a button “Subscribe to premium”. If you click that button, you will be redirected to a stripe checkout page. There you can provide your payment details. By finalizing the purchase, you automatically unlock the premium bot.

How can I manage my subscription?

Once subscribed, again, just open your conversation with the bot and run the /premium command. The bot will reply with a status message ? ACTIVE. Also it contains a link to a stripe subscription handling page. Following that link, you can manage your subscription: changing contact details (E-Mail), payment method or cancel the subscription.

How can I cancel my subscription?

See “How can I manage my subscription” in order to access the subscription management page. There, you will be easily able to cancel your subscription.

If you cancel your subscription, you will get reimbursed on your credit card a fraction of the paid fee. The exact amount being paid back depends on the remaining days of the yearly billing interval already paid.

Example: if you cancel your subscription in the middle of a billed year (which is not necessarily the calendar month), you shall receive back half of the money paid for that year.

Can I pause my subscription?

This is currently not supported.

Can I receive an invoice for the subscription?

Yes! Stripe will automatically send you an invoice for your subscription. If you have problem to receive an invoice from stripe yourself, just contact us and we can help you.

Do you disclose VAT on the invoice such that I can claim it back from the tax authorities?

Yes, we usually claim 21% Spanish VAT. The VAT is included in the price.

How can I contact the developer?

Just visit the contact page and write us an E-Mail – or contact us directly on telegram. We are very happy to receive your questions.

If you have any feedback or want to contribute actively to the development of the bot, just join our telegram group @beyondp2p_discussion.

If you want to receive P2P Lending Updates and follow the developments of the project, join our @beyondp2p telegram channel.

Want to try out the bot?

To get started with the bot, just click the “Start bot now” button below.

It will open the bot’s telegram URL.

Now simply use the /start command by clicking the “START” call-to-action button:

In a next step, you will see the available alerts to which you can subscribe for free. We have subscribed to all of them. Here a screenshot on how it should look like:

We wish you great success with your investments with @beyondp2p_bot.


A big thank you to our sponsors who keep this bot free to the investors.

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