beyondp2p API v1.2.0 released, cool new features ahead

Author avatar By Samuel, 01 March 2021

The beyondp2p API v1.2.0 has been released on Sunday, 28 February 2021. There are a couple of changes: among others, a brand new loan alert for the twino platform (affiliated).

Channel alerts switched off

With API version 1.2.0, I decided to let the so-called “channel loan alerts” fade out until Wednesday, 3 March 2021, midnight. This deserves an explanation.

So far, there have been two different types of alerts. The “older” ones are the alerts that the bot has been sending to the @beyondp2p telegram channel. They are alerts that are broadcasted to all channel members.

However, some users gave me the feedback that they don’t want to receive all alerts available but potentially only a subset of alerts. If we keep adding high frequency alerts it would really spam the members with alerts. The overall quality of the channel would suffer.

This is why I decided to implement in parallel another type of alert: @beyondp2p_bot can handle more precise subscriptions to each alert individually. Please find here the introduction and manual of the bot.

Indeed, I was not very sure whether the entire community really wants to not receive anymore channel alerts. But from a practical point of view, I think handling the bot subscriptions individually is the better long-term solution.

Its not that I tried to find alternative solutions: I checked whether I can control the messages that are getting published to the telegram channel. Not all members should receive those alerts. It is technically not possible for a publisher.

Still, I hope members remain in the channel. 😁👍 For the future, some cool things are planned. First of all: I don’t want to publish so many stuff there, but the news about the project and later more low frequency alerts (like once a week ore so). This should be analytics of platform statistics and perhaps one day platform incidents (like bad stuff going on on platforms)

twino loans alert added

You probably have noticed by subscribing to the bot: there is a new alert! From now on, you can get alerts for twino loans on the primary market. The bot checks for loans with a minimum of 10%. The loans should have buyback guarantee. Some investors reported cash drag on twino for January and February. Sometimes auto-invest did not pick up. So this is usefull hopefully.

PeerBerry loans alert improved

With regards to the PeerBerry loans alert, we were facing problems with timeouts of the bot. That caused sometimes a delay of the loans alert of 20-30 minutes. Or in the worst case, the bot even missed that there were new loans available. I could massively imrove the performance of the PeerBerry checks by removing the timeouts. The alert should now run much more reliably.

Feature Roadmap

My current top 4 feature list – of which I believe they are cool:

  • EstateGuru loans availability alert
  • Moncera loans avialability alert
  • New /loans command for the bot – such that you can ask the bot everywhere on telegram about the current loan availability status. As we are now building up time series data, I thought of displaying beautiful line charts. That would add some flavors to the bot.
  • mintos loan originator data scraper + charts and table on + bot alerts

The features are of increasing complexity.

We should definitely have a look at EstateGuru as it is quite popular and quite some people liked to have an alert for this platform.

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