Earn 2÷ cash back with LendSecured

Author avatar By Samuel, 06 July 2021
Sign up with LendSecured – earn 2% cash back
Sign up with LendSecured – earn 2% cash back

Exclusive cash back campaign

Great news for beyondp2p users!

We scored an exclusive 2% cashback campaign on investments during 180 days after sign up – with the LendSecured p2p investing platform.

The bonus is limited to the first 100 sign ups only. The voucher code will be valid until end of July 2021. So you got to be fast!

As a matter to reward your loyalty, @beyondp2p_bot and @beyondp2p followers on telegram will be informed first. See below for the sign up button.

What is LendSecured?

LendSecured is a novel p2p lending platform from Latvia. The platform focuses on stable 12 percent interest per annum on investment – offering collateralized investments with a historic loan-to-value of 37% (and a maximum of 55%).

You can invest into real estate and agricultural loans. Recently, the platform launched a new product: grain loans – a financial liquidity tool for farmers for the harvest.

With your loan, you are helping the farmer to improve the cash flow of his or hers business. At the beginning of the harvest, the farmer takes a loan to cover all the necessary expenditures. At the end of the harvest, the borrower pays back to the lenders.

What we find most interesting about the grain loans:

  • Farm land is an interesting collateral next to personal guarantees. This allows for low loan-to-value ratios.
  • Farmers often receive subsidies under the common EU agricultural policy, providing an extra layer of state backed income.
  • When possible farmers insure contracts against damages of the harvest, for example caused by natural disasters such as drought, hail or flooding.

Read our full LendSecured review here.

Unlock your 2% cashback bonus

Simply sign up with LendSecured by using the button below. The platform will later reward you with a 2% cash back bonus.

Keep in mind: The campaign is limited to 100 sign ups and is valid only during July 2021. If you want to be among the beneficiaries of the campaign, you should be fast.

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