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Mintos is among the biggest p2p marketplaces worldwide. Founded in 2014, the platform has seen massive growth for all sorts of private loans. Investors can enjoy high interest rate, with comfortable auto-invest and cash-out features. However, mintos has been criticized for not handling pending payments transparently. Also bear in mind that quite some loan originators have been suspended on the marketplace threatening funds to be lost. Still, it is a massive marketplace and mintos should not be discarded entirely in our opinion.

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Key Facts

Investment Structures Marketplace (peer-to-business)
Originator Types Loan Originators
Investing Into Consumer Loans
HQ Country country image Latvia


Interest Rates 6.00% – 22.00%
Number of Originators 70
Number of Countries 33
Minimum Investment 10 EUR


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Average Net Annual Return

Total Loans Funded

Loans Outstanding

Loan Status

Loans Defaulted


Average Amount Per Investor


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Available as: Custom automated strategies, Mintos Strategies

Mintos provides three fully automatized investment strategies: Diversified (rating: A+ to C-, average interest rate: 12.25%), Conservative (rating: A+ to B+, average interest rate: 9.84%), High-yield (rating: A+ to C-, average interest rate: 12.60%). If you want to customize further your investment, mintos has the "custom automated strategies" feature for that. By November 2020, mintos has replaced the old "risk ratings" with a "risk score". However, mintos has not yet updated the auto-invest strategies documentation disclosing how the new risk model does apply to the mintos strategies feature.

Available as: Custom manual investments
Secondary Market
Instant Cash-Out
Available as: Mintos strategies

With "Mintos strategies" you can relatively fast cash out your money. Mintos writes: "When you want to cash out money, your Mintos strategy automatically sells loans in your strategy to other investors using the same strategy. Selling usually happens within a few minutes, depending on demand from other investors at that time. You can only sell current loans. If a loan in your strategy is late, you can get your money when it recovers or buyback kicks in. You can also manually sell late loans on the Secondary Market from the Portfolio page."

Risk & Security

Buyback Guarantee

Mintos claims that 95% of its loans come with buyback guarantee. If the loan is delayed by more than 60 days, the lending company will automatically buy back the investment and pay you interest.

Payment Guarantee
Not available
Rating System
Available as: risk scoring

From November 2020, mintos risk scoring has replaced mintos risk grades. The new system is a numerical scale: low risk (10-8), mid risk (7-5), and high risk (4-1). Furthermore, mintos uses four subscores: loan portfolio performance, loan servicer efficiency, buyback strength, and cooperation structure.

Due Diligence
Skin in the Game

Loan originators should have skin in the game of 5 to 20% (10% on average).

Collaterals Property, Inventory
Maximum Loan To Value (LTV) n/a

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