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PeerBerry is a relatively young platform operating since 2017. Its founding company was the AventusGroup that has been involved in the credit business since 2009. After its foundation, PeerBerry was sold to private investors. The loan portfolio has been diversified since then. You can invest in consumer, business, leasing and real estate loans from 23 loan originators. With that amount of loan originators, PeerBerry seems to set off to compete with other marketplaces like Mintos. The user interface and experience is rather top notch. All together, PeerBerry is one of our favorite p2p lending platforms to invest into. Positively must be emphasized their outstanding corporate communication being constantly in contact with the investor community. Nevertheless, it has been occasionally criticized that the so called group guarantee is a shallow term as legally there would not be such entity as the "Aventus Group".

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Key Facts

Investment Structures Marketplace (peer-to-business)
Originator Types Loan Originators
Investing Into Business Loans, Consumer Loans, Leasing, Real Estate
HQ Country country image Croatia


Interest Rates 9.00% – 11.00%
Number of Originators 23
Number of Countries 8
Currencies EUR
Minimum Investment 10 EUR


Average Net Return 11.11%
Total Loans Funded 1,573,365,957 EUR
Loans Outstanding 105,817,503 EUR
Loans Current 87,701,546 EUR
Loans Late 18,115,956 EUR
Loans 1 To 15 Days Late 18,115,956 EUR
Loans 16 To 30 Days Late 0 EUR
Loans 31 To 60 Days Late 0 EUR
Loans 60 Plus Days Late 0 EUR
Loans Defaulted (In Recovery) n/a
Loans Defaulted (Recovered) n/a
Loans Defaulted (Written Off) n/a
Investors 65,570
Average Amount Per Investor n/a
Principal Returned n/a
Interest Earned 18,782,575 EUR
Late Fees Earned n/a


Secondary Market
Not available
Instant Cash-Out
Not available

Risk & Security

Buyback Guarantee
Available as: Buyback Guarantee, Group Guarantee

The loan originators on PeerBerry usually guarantee to take over a loan if the borrower fails to pay after 60 days. Furthermore, in case a loan originator is insolvent and cannot pay back the money, the main partners of PeerBerry – the Aventus group and the Gofingo group – guarantee to payback investors. This is called "group guarantee". However, members of the investor community have criticized that legally there exist no "Aventus group" as an entity. And thus, the group guarantee may be a shallow term.

Payment Guarantee
Not available
Rating System
Not available
Due Diligence
Not available
Skin in the Game
Not available
Collaterals n/a
Maximum Loan To Value (LTV) n/a

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