How you get paid

If you decide to embed one of our components into your web, users may sign up with p2p lending platforms via affiliate links. For this, platforms usually award a publisher with commissions.

However, often platforms do not pay the money directly to the publisher. They make use of intermediaries, such as affiliate or advertising networks. Sometimes, networks even trade traffic with other networks.

Regarding the beyondp2p publisher tools, the payout scheme is the following:

  • A user clicks on an affiliate link placed on a publisher's website (that is your website, blog or app).
  • The user then signs up with a p2p lending platform (also called advertiser). Depending on the specific offer, a conversion may just has happened already.
  • The platform pays in the gross commission with the affiliate network.
  • The affiliate network then pays out the gross commission to beyondp2p as we count as their primary publisher.
  • However, we can trace every click back to your website as you act as a sub-publisher.
  • Finally, we deduct our own commission on the gross commission. 👉 We then pay you out the remaining net commission.

We pay the money monthly to IBAN accounts at zero cost. If you have a non-IBAN account, potentially fees will be deducted from the payment.

How much you get paid


So let's assume, there advertiser pays out a gross 100€ for conversions for one month. We can trace this payouts perfectly back to your web component.

From this 100€ we deduct our own commission, let's say 50% get a quote of the gross amount. That would mean, we split the commissions in half. You get 50€, we get 50€. 👍

Here again the calculation example:

Who pays To whom How much
Advertiser beyondp2p 100 €
beyondp2p sub-publisher (you) 50 €

Please contact us to get a quote for the precise commissions.

No running costs or hidden fees

There are no running costs or hidden fees – whatsoever – to sign up, use or embed beyondp2p publisher tools. You can easily try out our solution and check if it fits your needs. All comes at zero financial risk.

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